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Trident CrossFit

Exceptional CrossFit Coaching Right Here In Alexandria

Trident CrossFit is a team of passionate, committed and dynamic trainers. Each of our trainers loves nothing more than changing people’s lives through fitness. Although we pride ourselves on our knowledge, experience, and continual efforts to improve through independent study, certifications, and courses, we are most proud of our ability to connect with and motivate our clients. Trident CrossFit is an organic result of our passion for training and community.

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Our Expert Team

Our staff truly sets us apart with coaches that offer expertise in a wide range of training areas. We aim to support, motivate, and challenge you on a daily basis to help you through your fitness journey.


Our Core Values

We value the role fitness can play in your life and we want to share with you the sense of accomplishment, self-confidence, and long-lasting health that our CrossFit training can offer.


Our Mission

We are committed to providing the highest quality CrossFit training to athletes of all ages and abilities. Your level of experience should never affect the way you are treated, and at Trident CrossFit, it never will.


Our Promise

We pledge to provide you with a safe and supportive environment to train in, rely on, and look forward to. We work together as a team of coaches, athletes, and friends to make each workout as efficient and enjoyable as possible.



Build functional strength with our CrossFit Classes in Alexandria today. We're proud to train clients of all ages and abilities with workouts that are completely scalable.

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Kids CrossFit

Get started today with excellent Kids CrossFit Classes in Alexandria. Perfect for kids ages 12 and under, these classes help students develop lifelong habits of physical activity and more!

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Fitness Classes

Find the fitness class that works for you with our specialized programs, including Seal Fit, Booty Camp, Open Gym and the Range of Motion WOD. Get started today and make your goals a reality.

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What's In It For You?

Push Your Body And Your Mind Each And Every Day

Trident CrossFit Cardiovascular & Heart Health in  Alexandria - Trident CrossFit

Cardiovascular & Heart Health

There's no denying the importance of cardiovascular training in your long-term health. And with CrossFit's cutting edge workouts, it's easier than ever to enjoy training that is scaled and modified to fit your unique needs and abilities and achieve those vital benefits.

Trident CrossFit Resistance & Strength Training in  Alexandria - Trident CrossFit

Resistance & Strength Training

CrossFit combines those life-saving cardio improvements with a dynamic strength building system rooted in practical, real-world movements to create a truly comprehensive approach to your fitness training. It's unlike anything you've ever tried.

Trident CrossFit Injury Prevention & Sustainability in  Alexandria - Trident CrossFit

Injury Prevention & Sustainability

Using a tested and proven system of gradual growth and steady improvement, our athletes are never above their heads at the gym. You'll build your strength in a safe and sustainable way, without the fear of injury or intimidation.

Trident CrossFit A Support System Like No Other in  Alexandria - Trident CrossFit

A Support System Like No Other

Group workouts can be overwhelming. But at Trident CrossFit, we use them to our advantage. Bringing together athletes of all backgrounds and experience levels, we foster a sense of energy and community that will carry you through every single struggle.

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