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30 Day Pure Paleo Challenge – Rules and Regs:

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30 Day Pure Paleo Challenge – Rules and Regs:
The goal is to eat ONLY foods from that qualify as paleo-friendly for the entire 30 days. In its most simplified form, this includes lean (un-processed) meats, fruits, vegetables(non-starchy), nuts, seeds and most oils.

The challenge will work on a point system. For every serving of a non-paleo food/drink that you consume, you earn points. So, obviously, points are bad, and the goal …is to obtain the lowest possible score for the month. Some foods that are considered borderline will only constitute a 1 point penalty, where as all the strictly “Paleo forbidden” foods will count as 2 points.
The 1-point borderline foods are: Wine, Beer, and alcohol (1 serving = 4 oz, 12 oz and 1.5 oz respectively). Lean cold cuts (since in their purest form they are Paleolithic, but are processed) like ham, turkey, deli chicken and bacon. *These foods are only worth one point up until you’ve reached 5 servings for the month, then they begin accumulating 2 points per serving.*
All other foods that are clearly non-paleo foods are worth 2 points. The obvious ones are sugar (other than the natural sugar that occurs in fruit), all artificial sweeteners, all whole grains, legumes (including peanuts), all dairy (milk, cream, butter, cheese, etc). Also, some less obvious foods that carry a 2 point penalty are: protein bars and shakes, honey, cottage cheese, corn (this is a whole grain), potatoes, sweet potatoes, and yams.
Each person involved in the challenge will pick one or two teammates or partners to pair up with for accountability purposes. (Pick someone you see frequently). You’ll log your food intake each day in any way that is convenient for you (Paper journal, online, etc.) and share it with your teammate. This doesn’t have to be every day, but often enough that you’re accountable to someone! You and your teammate will keep track of the total points accumulated (or, hopefully, lack thereof) for the entire month. At the end of the month, everyone will report back with their total scores.
Rather than offer a monetary incentive, we’ll do this the Crossfit way! The top two winners will get to either devise a workout or choose a Hero/Girl workout for the rest of the group to perform. Shy of doing two consecutive naked Murphs with a 40 lb. weight vest on in the snow, the workout design is open game!!
Good luck everyone!!!



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