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Two WODs down and Team Trident keeps getting better

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Janna Marks found her limit, then blasted through it.

WHEW! 13.2…

We said ‘Bring your A-game’ and you listened! 13.2 is all wrapped up and Team Trident did not fail to keep the momentum during the second week of The Open. The energy was off the charts, providing that extra push everyone needed for this triplet WOD. The theme for this week was to just keep moving and we did!


Jennie Cooper doesn’t know the definition of quit.

The women brought it this week and we saw some firsts and some extremely exciting moments from the ladies of Trident.  Jennie Cooper was impressive to watch and in a zone as she kept up a steady pace to the very last second to finish with a HUGE score of 302! Janna Marks gave it her ALL and amazed herself by getting her first step-ups. The smile on her face was inspiring to see.  We had some ladies putting 75lbs overhead for the first time like Liz Klein (getting five rounds!), Natalie Fajardo, Pauline Khamo, and Sarah Diffley.

The men were no doubt ready for this one and we saw some big numbers and great efforts! Chad told us about Zach Glickstein who showed all heart with his attempts at lifting the 115lbs overhead.  Matt Kirkpatrick continues to be a leader and crushed this one with 310 reps! INSANE!

Week 2 was even more exciting for me because after the first week the nerves settled and again we had an opportunity to see what Trident is made of.  We are digging in our heels, accepting the challenge, pushing through our weaknesses and high-fiving the entire time. The Open is what we make of it and we are making it a blast!

Those 10 minutes might have felt like an eternity but it’s over and now we look forward to what 13.3 will bring. Keep up this momentum Team Trident and keep moving!


Matt Kirkpatrick knocking out 310 reps.