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Should we be stretching before working out?

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You should always warm up, but how much should you stretch?

Check out this article from The New York Times:

As someone who was taught to stretch all his life before starting to exercise or play a sport, this was a strange read.

What do you think? Should you not stretch to better your performance? Have you ever noticed a difference in a WOD with or without stretching before?

Coaches – what’s your take? What’s your advice for athletes?

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  1. Han  April 3, 2013

    I have actually read several arguments against stretching. Most of them advise against static stretching. According to the articles, static stretching reduces muscle performance. They recommended getting the body warm by doing dynamic stretching or exercises like we do at Trident prior to our WODs.

  2. Jennie  April 3, 2013

    As with so many other things, I would say “it depends.” Plenty of us reap huge benefits from opening up our hips prior to squatting, hanging on a band for a better front rack, or digging into that nagging Achilles so we don’t tweak it at the bottom of a box jump. We train for stable joints, properly supported by healthy musculoskeletal tissues, so the article’s “wobbly” effect I don’t see being an issue in an environment like ours. I’d also be interested in the details of the studies, such as how long after stretching was the performance measured? After 30 seconds performance might be degraded, then the negative effects might be gone after a few minutes. Anyway, I’ll take a 5% decrease over a pulled hammie any day.