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Adios Party Peeps!

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Travis. Staying in his own world.

Travis. Staying in his own world.

Trident Family,

As most of you probably have heard by now, I am moving to North Carolina on Sunday. I wanted to take a quick minute to thank you all! Thanks to the coaches, athletes, mentors, and the interesting group that are all of those, as well as friends. It has been an awesome couple of years, being a member of the great community Chriss and Andrea have created. You have all pushed me to be better person and made me realize how powerful our small community can be! Again… Thank You! I hope I put more on your plate than I took off.

I will try not be a stranger, God Speed!




  1. Lindsay  June 12, 2014

    Amazing coach, mentor and friend. You will be missed T-RAV!

  2. Helju  June 12, 2014

    Thank you for everything!! From coaching to the fire-arms class. Best of luck on your next journey!