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  • Haley Bosco, Trident CrossFit Testimonials

    I visited here a couple times when I was in town for a conference, and it is one of the best drop-in experiences I have had. Everyone made sure I felt welcomed, and the coaches treated me like one of their own. They gave me great tips on movements I never considered and provided awesome programming for my short time here.

    Haley Bosco
  • Rabih Zahnan, Trident CrossFit Testimonials

    Great facility and more importantly a great community of athletes and staff. I recommend wholeheartedly for athletes of all levels.

    Rabih Zahnan
  • Nicole Christensen, Trident CrossFit Testimonials

    I love going to Trident CrossFit when I am visiting from Boulder, CO. The coaches are wonderful and make the entire class accessible to a variety of levels. They are fun and encouraging and provide a great balance when the workout is particularly tough. Love Trident!

    Nicole Christensen
  • Roman Lifson, Trident CrossFit Testimonials

    A great drop-in experience. Challenging WOD, attentive coaching, a fun group, and an extremely well-equipped gym. Will definitely be back.

    Roman Lifson
  • Donna L. Morris, Trident CrossFit Testimonials

    A very challenging workout, good instructors who will adjust any routine to your level. The group environment for the fitness challenge provides for an encouraging and a "personal competitive" workout.

    Donna L. Morris
  • Laura Zabriskie , Trident CrossFit Testimonials

    This was my very first Crossfit gym. I moved out of state, went to many other Crossfit gyms since. I came back to this one because the level of detail and attention the coaches gives is phenomenal. Also only gym I've been to where wod is followed up by mobility session every time! They build up and protect every athlete by doing this. A+ Trident!

    Laura Zabriskie
  • John Lanton , Trident CrossFit Testimonials

    Outstanding facility and coaches. Did a drop in here and all were very welcoming. Highly recommend.

    John Lanton


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