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Becca Hall in  Alexandria - Trident CrossFit

Becca Hall

Becca grew up with a love of sports and pushing her limits. As an adult, CrossFit was first introduced as an alternative to familiar days long gone, where a competitive atmosphere meets physical fun. She soon learned it’s much more. Starting in a friend’s backyard, there was no turning back when she joined Trident. Being a part of the Trident community is ever-inspiring…from every member and coach, no matter age, size, or skill level – it’s amazing to see the heart and perseverance that each athlete brings when they walk into the gym. Becca loves finding ways to positively impact people’s lives – on the field, in the gym, and in everyday life! Thanks the Lord in all things!

What’s your favorite workout?

Anything with running, cleans, snatches, and double unders!

When you’re not CrossFitting, you’re…?

Trying to live a gospel centered life (in the gym too). And, oh yeah – enjoying the outdoors, or daydreaming that I am…I love playing outside!

Advice for someone starting or wanting to start CrossFit

Start today. Exactly as you are.

Certifications, Experience, Honors

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Coaches Prep Course
  • USAW Sports Performance Certification
  • Played Division 1 college lacrosse

My Why: I exist to create meaningful relationships built on TRUST through endless expressions of love in words and actions.

My How: How I do that is CONTRIBUTE my time, resources, and encouragement in support of the needs and goals of people around me.

My What: What I seek is CLARITY in communication in order to fully understand each person and likewise be understood, as part of the greater journey to know and experience God's love.

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