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Jeanie Waters in  Alexandria - Trident CrossFit

Jeanie Waters

As a parent, educator, and athlete I have never come to the end of a day believing there was nothing I could improve upon tomorrow. I came to Trident in October 2011, at the beginning of multiple life-changing events and the coaches created for me a reflective practice to get Fit, Fast & Strong in all aspects of my life. Many aspects of life changed since then and Trident was there through all of it; ending & beginning relationships, parenthood, career promotions, setbacks and loss. Well, Trident was directly responsible for the loss of 30 pounds and transforming my body.

I love sharing my Trident journey in our baseline class when folks come in with their hopes of becoming more. When I went through my own baseline assessment, I was asked, “Why Trident?” It was because Trident seemed the most community-oriented in the area. Now, countless friends later I am so impressed by the tapestry of diversity wrapped around a shared vision of self-improvement to impact our world.

As an educator, I’m an elementary school Principal, so it was a natural progression to become a coach starting first with CrossFit Kids. Working with preschool and school aged children to push, pull, jump and run is simply the best our anatomy has to offer. They are open and able to move in a way that highlights the body’s strength and flexibility. Oh, and they are tremendously honest and funny!

From there, I moved to coaching adults and that is when I realized the only place in my world where every person in the room truly wants to be there besides home (I don’t have teenagers yet) is Trident! I enjoy the camaraderie and the honesty our Trident athletes have for their journey both within our walls and as they bring Fit, Fast & Strong to their lives. I look forward to meeting and working with you as I live my self-improvement journey and impact yours!

Besides being a proud Blue Shirt at Trident, I’m the loving wife of a CrossFitter, step-mom to four athletic girls, Principal of Cameron Elementary and Alternative Learning Center and grateful for all life has to offer.

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Kids Trainer Course
  • CrossFit Judge

My Why: I utilize my background in human development and apply concepts to aid individuals in finding a Better Way to move in the direction of their desired state.

My How: I will often Challenge people to do think and act in ways that alter their current state.

My What: I can look at a situation causing you to feel trapped and mediate thinking to Make Sense of the complex with easy to implement steps.

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