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Take On Total Body Fitness And Conditioning At Trident CrossFit

In addition to offering you the high-level CrossFit Classes in Alexandria, we are also proud to feature multiple Fitness Classes that are specific to your training needs. We know that many people train for many different reasons and these specialized Fitness Classes help you reach your goals with targeted training and cutting-edge exercises. 

At Trident CrossFit, you can take on our elite fitness training known as SealFit, our cardio and conditioning Booty Camp classes, or the innovative Range of Motion Workout Of The Day

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Find The Fitness Class That Fits You Best

Whether you're hoping to use our Fitness Classes as a standalone program, or you're interested in supplementing your regular CrossFit workouts, you'll find exactly what you'll need with these specialized programs in Alexandria. 

Our Fitness Classes include:

SealFit: Immerse yourself in this body, mind, and soul training system. SealFit combines elite fitness training, mental toughness and the "Kokoro Spirit" into a single program that pushes you through daily workouts, a renowned 50-hour "Kokoro Camp," and an immersion academy. 

SealFit is designed for anyone training for the military or our elite athletes who are hoping to take their fitness to the next level.

Booty Camp: Developed through the same fundamentals as CrossFit, our Booty Camp classes drop the weights from your training and promote boosted cardiovascular training. These classes are perfect for anyone who is interested in getting in great shape without the need for deadlifts, back squats, and all the traditional exercises that come with a CrossFit workout. 

ROMWOD: The perfect way to improve your range of motion, this workout provides you with a daily routine of movements that promote flexibility and recovery. These workouts are a great way to keep your body limber between traditional CrossFit Classes. 

Personal Training: If you would like a more hands-on approach to fitness and nutrition, Personal Training is for you! Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or both, we guarantee one of our 31 certified trainers can help you meet your goals.

See Real Results Faster With Our Fitness Classes

These specialized Fitness Classes in Alexandria are the perfect way for you to enjoy real, sustainable results, regardless of how much experience you have. You'll enjoy targeted exercises and help from our supportive staff to meet and exceed all of your goals. 

Our Fitness Classes will help you:

  • Improve your total body strength
  • Boost your cardiovascular health
  • Streamline your fitness success

Join Us Today For Total Body Fitness Classes In Alexandria

Are you ready for a better workout? Then get started today with our Fitness Classes in Alexandria. We're proud to offer specialized programming for clients of all interests and experience levels. Get started today! 

All you have to do is fill out the short form on your screen now. A member of the Trident CrossFit team will be happy to reach out soon and answer all of your questions!



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