Trident CrossFit utilizes a team of assistant coaches to support workouts during classes. Assistant coaches lead our warm ups and cool downs while aiding head coaches during instruction. Each coach listed below continually looks to grow in order to provide our members with the best knowledge and experience possible. These coaches are a big part of what makes our Trident community so strong.

  • Joel Angeles

    Joel Angeles

    Sport fanatic, multi-sport athlete, CrossFit-ter, coach, husband, father, brother, son, friend and former pop-culturist. Skill-work junkie, with a snappy engine and a Tiger Woods-esque smile. My favorite CrossFit cliche is “be really good at somethings, but suck at nothing”.

  • Rachel Boehm

    Rachel Boehm

    Rachel Boehm grew up participating in recreational sports and dance before finding CrossFit in 2011. The CrossFit approach to strength and conditioning training gave her the results she had long sought; the CrossFit community, particularly Trident, gave her the foundation she didn’t know she was missing. She’s honored to now be part of the Trident team, able to give back to the CrossFit community.

    • CrossFit Level I Trainer
    • CrossFit Level II Trainer
    • CrossFit Endurance Certified Trainer
    • CrossFit Kids Trainer Course
    • USAW Level 1 Sport Performance Certification
    • NASM-CPT
  • Sean Drumheller

    Sean Drumheller

    Bio coming soon.

  • Trevor Solberg

    Trevor Solberg

    Bio coming soon.

  • Kate Kovatch

    Kate Kovatch

    Bio coming soon.

  • Marcel Hillie

    Marcel Hillie

    Bio coming soon.

  • Alden Burley

    Alden Burley

    Bio coming soon.

  • Mason Shupe

    Mason Shupe

    Bio coming soon.

  • Adrienne Hoar

    Adrienne Hoar

    Bio coming soon.

  • Jeannie Waters

    Jeannie Waters

    Bio coming soon.