Danielle and Alyssa (Team Dirty Diesel) and Joy and Casey (Team Kettlebelles)

SuperFit Richmond 2013 is in the books and Team Trident placed in two divisions.

Congratulations to Danielle and Alyssa who won First Place in the Female/Female division!

Joy and Casey finished in Second Place in the Female/Female scaled division.

Here’s a link to see the full results from the competition.

Couldn’t be more proud of all the competitors this weekend.  Blood, sweat and tears won’t begin to tell the story but a photo is worth a thousand words.  Check out the Trident Facebook page for more photos from the competition.  Thanks also to out to the awesome turnout of supporters with special thanks to Dr. Dolan  aka T-Rav, the massage master.  Every member of Team Trident showed why we train so hard every day.  Next time you see any of the competitors, give them a high-five or big hug, they deserve one.

Stay tuned for the Awesome Dance Video…..


Team V Battle in action at SuperFit Richmond 2013.



Head Coach Matt Wilson competing at SuperFit DC (Source: Christopher Nolan/Metcon Photos)

SuperFit Richmond 2013 is this Saturday, January 12, at CrossFit RVA in Richmond, VA. It’s a one-day competition starting at 9 a.m. with three team divisions: male-male, male-female, female-female.

Trident will be well represented. Here’s a list of who’s competing:

Matt and Katie
Danielle and Alyssa
Vic and Terrance
Jenna and Katie
Joy and Casey
Karla and Jenny
Jerome and Marcus
Deb and Lindsay
Dave and TBD

If you’re curious about the WODs, here’s the first WOD competitors will complete:

WOD 1: Karabell

8 Minute AMRAP of

  • 10 Power Snatches
  • 20 Wallballs

Score is total number of reps. Only 1 bar per team. Only 1 working person per team. You can change weights at any time. You cannot clean and jerk the weight. Press outs are ok (although severely frowned upon).


Male+Male RX: 135#, 20# to 10′ Target

Male+Female RX: 135#/95#, 20# to 10′ Target/14# to 9′ Target

Female+Female RX: 95#, 14# to 9′ Target

Male+Female Scaled: 95#/65#, 20# to 10′ Target/12# to 9′ Target

Female+Female Scaled: 65#, 12# to 9′ Target

Here’s the full WOD list.

In case you’d like to drive down and cheer Trident on, here’s where CrossFit RVA is located. Tickets for spectators are $10, a small price to pay to see Team Trident.

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